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Free-standing bubble panel
Beautiful patterns of bubbles are formed when air is diffused from nozzles at the bottom of these panels and moves upwards, swirling randomly around the acrylic discs. The panels can be used as free-standing dividing walls, or they can be mounted on a wall with a background of your choice. Graphics can be added over the clear acrylic discs. Lighting is integrated, and all working parts are concealed. Ideal for reception areas, bars, restaurants, shops, or waiting rooms.

Each panel is approximately 2m high and 1m wide and can be mounted singly or in pairs. The panels are constructed from clear acrylic and stainless steel. The surround is powder-coated to give a matt silver finish.

LED lighting is provided under the features. The water is treated automatically to keep it crystal clear and the air is filtered before being delivered through concealed pipes. The pumps and filters are concealed in the ceiling, wall, or under the floor.

These features are available to order.


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