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Control panel

Water feature pipe connections

Behind every installation is the reassurance of quality engineering and practical know-how.

New projects involve research and development usually prototypes are developed in the studio before full-scale pieces are progressed.

James Designs offers the expertise of a qualified chartered engineer experienced in project management, with the security of his many years experience pioneering architectural developments in fluid dynamics.

It is essential that a water feature is not only beautiful in itself but also enhances its location, functions reliably as desired, and is straightforward to maintain. The following engineering issues are considered:

  • Size and weight
  • Design integration
  • Materials (including durability, colour and finish)
  • Electrical power supply
  • Water supply, drainage, filtration, purification, evaporation, splashing, overflow, noise, the effect of filling by rain and the risk of freezing
  • Effects of air movement
  • Lighting
  • Safety and children
  • Commissioning, operation and maintenance
  • Planting (if any)