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Vortex globe feature on stainless steel plinth

This vortex globe sits on a bead-blasted stainless steel plinth. The water rises to form a vortex which changes shape as it fills. When full, it forms a tubular-like pencil of air for a brief moment. The vortex then falls gently as the globe empties. The cycle repeats every few minutes.

The globe is 600 mm diameter and stands on an 1100 mm high stainless steel plinth which is mirror finished on the top so that the vortex is reflected.

The near-silent feature has both dimmable low-voltage and blue LED lighting which can be operated independently. The lighting creates an ever-changing effect and projects a moving image on to the ceiling above the feature. Maintenance, to keep the water clear, is straightforward and supported by James Designs.

These self-contained, free-standing, water features are created by James Designs and are available to order. A similar feature, with low stainless steel or stone plinth is also available. The vortex globe is designed for use indoors, out of direct sunlight. It is one of a series of vortex features produced by James Designs for use in and out of doors.

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Vortex globe close-up

Vortex globe close-up