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Vortices are one of nature's most fascinating and dramatic creations. James Designs has the experience and expertise to create vortices – whirlpools - in water features and to get them right. A beautiful natural phenomenon captured in perfect form.

With a proven track record, James has developed the technology and designs over a number of years to create and control vortices. Now, based on this experience, we produce water features for both commercial and private clients for settings in and out of doors.

Open or closed, single or multiple vortex displays can be created in a water feature. We can produce perfectly-formed, air-bubble free, vortices of different forms and have the unique skills to vary the height of vortices with time, creating ever-changing displays which interact with natural and other sources of light.

We back up our creativity with excellent design, quality engineering, lighting and appropriate control systems to ensure that the displays are attractive, versatile and reliable. We design and can provide ongoing support for maintenance programmes to ensure that the water clarity, vortices and their reflections remain superb.

We produce vortex tubes, vortex globes, vortex clocks and other time-driven displays. Vortex tubes can be produced in the range 100 to 600 mm diameter. Vortex globes can be from 400 to 1200 mm diameter. We are constantly developing new designs and forms.